Word count 545 Duke Hanley, an associate actuary, got his idea while working on a mortality study at Pura Life Company.  The underwriting department gave him access to all of the underwriting and claims information for 10,000 insureds to see how best to predict their … Continue reading Die


Word count 5500                                            The Perfect Couple Everyone thought that Janet and Mike Wilkie were the perfect couple, and with good reason.  Both of them were as close to physically perfect as imaginable.  Janet was a tall Filipina – Irish mix and Mike was Italian … Continue reading Old


Word count 1008   I was wandering down the mall wondering what I could get for my wife’s birthday.  She’s hard to shop for because Sally is very low maintenance.  Maybe a cup or a scarf, I don’t know.  On top of that I really … Continue reading Jen


Word Count 919                                                                                          (Or Don’t Have A COW, Man) Just to be safe, one of the Secret Service men brought the letter to the President, even though he was certain there was nothing to it. The letter had been checked for fingerprints and … Continue reading ATTACK


Word count 13286                                                      Bo D. Holley INTRODUCTION You picked up this book because you are curious.  Are those that ask “Are we here yet”, known as HereticsTM (pronounced here – ticks) crazy?  Is their leader and the author of the book you are … Continue reading Heresy

Do Nothing

Word count 1495                                          The meeting did not start well.  Neither House Majority Leader James Henson, Republican Nevada, nor Senate majority leader Jane Fulwell, Democrat Massachusetts had any reason to be happy.  Tall and fat Henson knew going in that the petite Fulwell saw no … Continue reading Do Nothing


 Word count 647                                                                             Tape recording found amongst the possessions of Jack Lyle by the police after his overdose death. “Despite all of the security, I got into the billionaire software developer Jason Atkins’ mansion on Mercer Island east of Seattle.  I know that … Continue reading Mirrors