Marital Dialogues in Two Acts

Word count 1338 The Marital Dialogues Act 1 Duke puts towel over face with just tightey whiteys on “How old am I now?” Sally “About 45.” Duke “But I’ve got a body of a twenty year old.” Sally “I know, you keep it in the … Continue reading Marital Dialogues in Two Acts

Better Living Through Electronics

Word count 2209                                                                                               1 Horace Cram cleared 5’ – barely.  His moustache was visible – barely.  Legs – hairless.  Charisma – none.  Intelligence – fairly high about unimportant things.  All this in a pear shaped package.   His bifocals make him look like an … Continue reading Better Living Through Electronics


  Word count 2616                                              Tape from October 1, 2014 Just fell over the threshold.  Retch.  Now I vomited.  Should I / could I stay here forever?  What means forever?  To be or not to be? Hours later I keep wondering how dumb and useless I … Continue reading Tapes


Word count 1842 Joey Kellog was born twenty five years ago in Fresno. His father Gary was and still is a real estate salesman.  He had been a three sport letterman in high school and was drafted by the Chicago Cubs upon graduation.  He got … Continue reading Leg