Word count 394                                      `` A few years ago, maybe five, I was supervising and working with a man who was doing community service for a crime that he says he didn’t commit.  We were removing ivy from an area around the tool yard of Tryon … Continue reading Mercy


Word count 665                                                      I’m so happy that the three of you could join me today.  The paid plane tickets and goody bag filled with expensive gifts may have been the inducement, or maybe it was a chance to reconnect after all these years that got … Continue reading Meeting


Word Count 50                                                 Lost I looked at the squirrel and wondered if I could eat it raw.  I don’t know how to start a fire and probably couldn’t catch it anyhow.  My wife, what’s her name, always threatened to abandon me in the woods … Continue reading Lost

It’s Back

Word count 318                                                    Sally got off the phone with her doctor and told Duke “It’s back.” Duke replied “Chemo worked before. You can do it again.” “You don’t know how much that hurt. I would never go through that again.” “But there’s no way … Continue reading It’s Back


Word count 133                                                                  “I brought you to this abandoned factory where no one can hear us and we can’t be disturbed to revise the plan to kill your wife”. “What could be simpler?  I told you that she is the only one that … Continue reading Details


Word count 875 The man in the dark knee length trench coat had travelled miles from his home on that moonlit night.  Along the way he smiled.  “The world is better off without those sluts.  They are all sluts.  I will make them pay.  They … Continue reading Serial