AKA Kerry

Word count 2,111                  The True Story Behind The Book And Movie You might think that you know me from the movie and book about me by the man I call BFA, for big famous author.  Sometimes the “F” stands for something else, depending … Continue reading AKA Kerry

Son Of Simon

Word count 412                                      “Chief, we got the guy that had the whole city on edge, people afraid to leave home.” “You mean the Restaurant Terrorist?  Great work Sally.” “Yes, the one who left batteries on restaurant tables all over town, scrambled the silverware, filled the … Continue reading Son Of Simon


 Word count 934                                               I’ve had clinical amnesia, but it was relatively insignificant.  Some other cases have been earth shaking.  Let’s start with a lesson ignored or forgotten to the present day.  The Smoot-Hawley Act of 1930 started a trade war and according to Wikipedia it … Continue reading Amnesia

Space Force And Corona

                                      Word Count 1005                                    “Mr. President, we have our first action taken by Space Force.” “Jenkins, I told you to call me ‘Your Excellency, Emperor For Life’.  I knew that the 200 billion dollars start up cost for Space Force was well worth it.  Have … Continue reading Space Force And Corona


 Word count 750                                      Duke Hanley - High school was OK.  I was average in most classes, but did very well in math.  There was something about the purity that appealed to me.  My social life was OK, parties and dating, the usual.  I was pretty … Continue reading Transformer

Found And Lost

Word count 100                                               I’d seen her at the bar at least twenty times before.  This time I told her “There are better drinks at my place.  Please join me.” She followed me to my apartment.  After a round, she walked into my bedroom.  When … Continue reading Found And Lost


  Word count 480                                                         Last week I was at Duke Hanley’s funeral. It was an open casket affair as his wife had requested. I wandered around seemingly at random and eavesdropped on mourners’ comments. A few people looked at me like they wondered who I was, … Continue reading Funerunreal