Word Count 100                                                        An unpleasant task of my youth was picking raspberries in our backyard.  Raspberries are the least tasty of Oregon’s big three, the others being blackberries and strawberries.  Raspberries are also soft, easily squashed and have unpleasant texture.  At times I imagined … Continue reading Berries


Word Count 700 “Welcome everyone to the first super meeting roundtable.  Why don’t we go around the table and introduce ourselves by telling what your super power is?  No need for names, since we all have placards.  Good, I see that there is only one … Continue reading First

Guess My Age

Word count 88                                                         The live in editor and I play a game “Guess My Age”.  At first I hold a towel over my face and ask “How old am I”. Editor “50”. I take the towel away.  “80”. “That’s not fair, you must guess … Continue reading Guess My Age

Black Lagoon

Word count 254                                                  Sheryl woke up around midnight to find a roughly humanoid giant monster in her bedroom.  As she started to scream the monster tore the covers off her bed and her pajamas off her body. As she continued to scream the … Continue reading Black Lagoon


 Word Count 100 A few years ago I was volunteering removing ivy from an area around the tool yard of Tryon State Park south of Portland Oregon.  Two police cars showed up and informed me that they had a coyote with a broken back that … Continue reading Coyote


 Word count 394                                      `` A few years ago, maybe five, I was supervising and working with a man who was doing community service for a crime that he says he didn’t commit.  We were removing ivy from an area around the tool yard of Tryon … Continue reading Mercy