Dead End

  Word count 175 “It’s all good Jen.  I’m not suspected and the insurance paid the death benefit.  We can spend the rest of our lives together with no money worries.” “About ‘us’ – I’m afraid that I led you on.  My boyfriend Ted did some … Continue reading Dead End


Word Count 191                                                “I never thought Chad would be such a jerk.  He said that he loved me, we were getting along great and then he ghosted me.  No warning, no texts, no explanation, just gone.  I’d don’t know how I would have held … Continue reading Ghosted


 Word count 414 Duke and Sally went to the Lake Oswego carnival on Duke’s twenty-fifth birthday.  He and Sally had been married seven years at that time and still acted like newlyweds.  After they rode the small roller coaster and the whirly-gig, they went to … Continue reading Teeth


 Word Count 500 We are taking a little time in our gender study class to examine the difference between two million-seller novels.  His story is “Code Name Charles” and her story is “The Devilish Duke”.  To begin, let’s compare extracts from gender specific books. Page … Continue reading Comparo


Word count 972  Duke Hanley was on one of his favorite hikes in Central Oregon.  Most of the way up Paulina Peak in the Newberry Crater National Monument, he couldn’t remember what year it was.  He did as he had done for the past eleven … Continue reading Duke


Word count 303                                               I wonder about figures of speech.  Let’s dissect similes (unless they are metaphors – I’m a mathematician, not an English major, and I’m not even a good mathematician).  Ok, to be honest, some of these are just phrases.  We could choose … Continue reading Easy