A Cat Who

Word count 486 Long version - A Cat Who Plots The Overthrow Of Capitalism While I Drink Black Butte Porter And Eat A Carl’s Famous Star. The title is half the story.  The rest is about my wonderful Christmas in August.  It began inauspiciously when … Continue reading A Cat Who


 Word count 750                                      Duke Hanley - High school was OK.  I was average in most classes, but did very well in math.  There was something about the purity that appealed to me.  My social life was OK, parties and dating, the usual.  I was pretty … Continue reading Transformer

Found And Lost

Word count 100                                               I’d seen her at the bar at least twenty times before.  This time I told her “There are better drinks at my place.  Please join me.” She followed me to my apartment.  After a round, she walked into my bedroom.  When … Continue reading Found And Lost


  Word count 480                                                         Last week I was at Duke Hanley’s funeral. It was an open casket affair as his wife had requested. I wandered around seemingly at random and eavesdropped on mourners’ comments. A few people looked at me like they wondered who I was, … Continue reading Funerunreal


Word count 81 (excluding title)                                                                    I tried to get a date with the girl at the grocery store.  Because I was a little nervous and wasn't ready, I asked where the bananas and apples were.  She said "aisle 26".  Ashamed of my cowardice, I … Continue reading Date


Word count 650                                                                 From the lifestyle section of the Portland Oregonian The advertising blitz for Beauty started eight years ago.  It was claimed to be an amazing product available in both aerosol and lotion form that made anyone who used it appear … Continue reading Beauty


 Word count 490                                            I don’t care what my friends say about Jean being way out of my class.  Sure, I may be a looks 4 and she is a 9, but if I round up, I’m a 5.  And yes, she got her Ph.D. in … Continue reading Crunch