Not what they got Word count 402                                                            Their leader Joe started off the post Halloween meeting. “How did you do Henry?” “I did fine Joe.  I got two kilograms total.  Mostly the usual, but two Big Hunks.  My year is made.  Of course my … Continue reading Candy


Like That Word count 543  Duke Maples woke up on Friday with a rash all over his body.  It felt like fire and the itching drove him crazy.  He told his wife Mabel to call his office and let them know that he was going … Continue reading Rash


Beware Word count 50 Joe heard a gunshot followed by pounding on his cabin door.  When he opened the door, a man holding his arm said “Somebody’s trying to kill me.  Let me in.”  A composed Joe said, “Don’t worry, you’re safe here.”  The stranger shot Joe “You shouldn’t … Continue reading Safe


Like that, but open and rusty Word count 75.  My wife and I took a cruise to Hawaii then south to Fanning Island in Kiribati.  I soaked in the warm atoll waters for pure pleasure until I stepped on a rusty Spam can.  The only … Continue reading Cruise

Spill Rules

Word count 50                                                        Suck it up One second for spilled tequila, whisky, or gin drinks to be sucked out of the carpet.  Chocolate, peanut butter, or wheat thins three second pick up, most other food the usual five seconds.  Brussel sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, or … Continue reading Spill Rules

Just Looking

A beautiful Italian Word Count 100                                                   Just Looking Carl pulled over beside a car in the parking lot and said “Wow.  Look at that Maserati”. Duke replied “I thought that you were a one car guy.  Aren’t you crazy about Josie?” “Sure, but a … Continue reading Just Looking