Word count 998 This story will be available for the blog after Pure Slush publishes it as a part of the Lifespan series.

True Or False

Word count 3185                                                                                                 Which of these are true and which are false                                                            Mortality I have the body of a twenty year old –             I keep it in the refrigerator for midnight snacks. I was worried when I was told that I … Continue reading True Or False



They look better than most of us Word count 100                                                     Once a month the dance band section of the Lake Oswego Millennium Concert Band plays at a local Oregon church.  It mostly plays big band numbers from the 1940s and 1950s.  Many of the … Continue reading Chair


Like that, but not in Kansas Word Count 394                                                           In 1968 I followed my math Ph.D. thesis advisor Karl Stromberg to Kansas State University from the University of Oregon in Eugene Oregon to complete my studies.  Professor Stromberg decided to visit Eugene over Christmas … Continue reading Unmerry


Word count 389                                                                                      In 2007, my wife Sharon and I took a cruise around the Hawaiian Islands, and then south to Fanning Island in the Republic Of Kiribati – a group of islands.  The Hawaii trip detoured two thousand miles (three thousand kilometers) … Continue reading Spam

Pool Of Dreams

Why Mickey liked the Pool. Word count 1,014                                                           Mickey Monroe was thrilled that the fence around the Critical Research Compound had been blown down by the windstorm the previous night.  He lived just a couple of blocks away and had been tempted by the … Continue reading Pool Of Dreams