Trash / Lust Poem (warning prurient, juvenile and very bad)

 Word count 107                                                  With you I want a romance Since we were thirteen, I wanted into your pants We’ve got something, I don’t know what OMG what a butt! Your nurses’ exams I would proctor If only we could play doctor When you stare at … Continue reading Trash / Lust Poem (warning prurient, juvenile and very bad)

Dangerous Dan

  Word count 107                                          Dan is a famous television personality.  He tells everyone via Twitter, television and sky writing that he is a rich and brilliant man.  His public statements have attracted a following of those who hate the same people that he does.  Recently he … Continue reading Dangerous Dan


367 Words                                                     Duke and Sally had two children.  The older, Leela was a good girl, but Brad was a very bad boy.  Brad would swear at his parents and kick them in the shins.  They tried all of the child experts and all of … Continue reading Cat


  Word count 789 A very pale couple of corpses Patrick and Roisin stumbled into the Adair graveyard during the night of 31 October.  Liam and Ciara intercepted them and said “We are your greeters here to tell you about your future.  That was an odd … Continue reading Adair

AKA Kerry

Word count 2,111                  The True Story Behind The Book And Movie You might think that you know me from the movie and book about me by the man I call BFA, for big famous author.  Sometimes the “F” stands for something else, depending … Continue reading AKA Kerry


 Word count 934                                               I’ve had clinical amnesia, but it was relatively insignificant.  Some other cases have been earth shaking.  Let’s start with a lesson ignored or forgotten to the present day.  The Smoot-Hawley Act of 1930 started a trade war and according to Wikipedia it … Continue reading Amnesia