Word count 100                                             Odd remembrances haunt my lazy brain unbidden at odd times.  Family legend has me nearly drowning after falling out of a boat when very young.  The woman who is now great grandmother and widow that I made out with in my … Continue reading Untethered

Curmudgeon 2

Word count 1380  Let’s talk American politics.  Party D:  Everything is the fault of rich people.  We’ll take away their money to buy your votes.  Party R:  Don’t be poor.  After you get your first million, we’ll talk.  The “I” (Bernie) senator knows how businesses … Continue reading Curmudgeon 2


 Word count 667 (666 without title) I’m past tense all the way to agitated.  Past tense for “cast” is “cast” and yet I’ve seen “casted”.  If a man is executed by rope, he is “hanged”.  He may be physically hung and a picture may be … Continue reading Curmudgeon

Space Opera

 Word Count 668                                           Space Opera Logdate LSMFT This is Captain James T. Pickard of the Starboat Entropy.  I’m teaching starboat operations and culture to Ensign and captain in training Horace Green. Green:  I have so many questions.  I don’t understand why we are not crushed … Continue reading Space Opera


Word count 100                                                       Legal January 18 Jack told his wife Jan that she had gained a few pounds.  Why couldn’t she be skinny like her younger sister Jean?  February 10 he stayed out until after 2AM, came home drunk and drove the car … Continue reading Legal


Word Count 100                                                        An unpleasant task of my youth was picking raspberries in our backyard.  Raspberries are the least tasty of Oregon’s big three, the others being blackberries and strawberries.  Raspberries are also soft, easily squashed and have unpleasant texture.  At times I imagined … Continue reading Berries


Word Count 700 “Welcome everyone to the first super meeting roundtable.  Why don’t we go around the table and introduce ourselves by telling what your super power is?  No need for names, since we all have placards.  Good, I see that there is only one … Continue reading First