Word count 176                                                I don’t care what my friends say about Jean being way out of my class.  Sure, I may be a looks 4 and she is a 9, but if I round up, I’m a 5.  And yes, she got her Ph.D. … Continue reading Optimism


   Word count 100                                               The man in the dark knee length trench coat had travelled miles from his home on that moonlit night.  He knew his way well from experience.  His luck was good as always, there was a couple in a new sedan, her with … Continue reading Killer


                                           Word Count 360 So far this is the only one that is deliberately bad. The bright and calm day.  Specifically the intensity of the sun was 900 W/m2 measured by pyranometer and the wind speed was 1.2 km/hr or 2 mph for Americans. Look up … Continue reading Wurst


Word count 599                                              Good afternoon.  This is Jason Atkins on Robots Today, February 10, 2043, interviewing Duke Hanley of Robolife on business channel WXYZ. Tell us a little bit about Robolife of Hermiston, Oregon. The business was originally a maker of drones in the … Continue reading Intimate

Woke Up

 Word count 810 Warning or invitation? The published version was written to avoid offending anyone. This version is a little longer and indulges in more sex.                                            During the meditation segment an hour into our three hour intimacy ritual before we touched I was distracted and … Continue reading Woke Up


Word count 1776                                                  Balance On June 23 2005 a hiker that I knew got a request from The Balance Disorders Lab of Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) to find males from ages 52-73 to join a balance study with the goal of better … Continue reading Balance

Altared States

Word count 787                                    A few days after my wife Celestine died suddenly from encephalitis, I got a phone call that I suspected was some form of condolence.  I had not recovered enough to talk to anyone, but the caller ID – Jellane Jefferson - shocked … Continue reading Altared States