Word count 133                                                                  “I brought you to this abandoned factory where no one can hear us and we can’t be disturbed to revise the plan to kill your wife”. “What could be simpler?  I told you that she is the only one that … Continue reading Details


Word count 875 The man in the dark knee length trench coat had travelled miles from his home on that moonlit night.  Along the way he smiled.  “The world is better off without those sluts.  They are all sluts.  I will make them pay.  They … Continue reading Serial


Word count 512 Rated sexy Beverly woke up at 2am after doing some ill-advised self-medicating the night before.  She heard some scratching and bumping noises and mumbled “What the hell is that?” A voice which resembled that of James Earl Jones came from under her … Continue reading Undercover


Word count 200 / 49.                                                    A bunch of them broke into my home shouting gibberish while I was sleeping.  I tried to get them to leave, but they pointed odd looking weapons at me.  I had no choice but to fire my lasers at … Continue reading Myth


Word Count 191                                                “I never thought Chad would be such a jerk.  He said that he loved me, we were getting along great and then he ghosted me.  No warning, no texts, no explanation, just gone.  I’d don’t know how I would have held … Continue reading Ghosted


 Word count 414 Duke and Sally went to the Lake Oswego carnival on Duke’s twenty-fifth birthday.  He and Sally had been married seven years at that time and still acted like newlyweds.  After they rode the small roller coaster and the whirly-gig, they went to … Continue reading Teeth


 Word Count 500 We are taking a little time in our gender study class to examine the difference between two million-seller novels.  His story is “Code Name Charles” and her story is “The Devilish Duke”.  To begin, let’s compare extracts from gender specific books. Page … Continue reading Comparo