Word count 1187                                                Duke’s call from Janine:  “Duke, this must come from out of the blue.  I know that we have not been in touch for twenty years since I left town.  It must have been quite a shock, considering what we meant to … Continue reading Switch


Word count 875                                                 Duke started hallucinating about a month before seeing a psychiatrist.  At 7pm someone, perhaps himself, went flying off a cliff on a horse, but never landing.  That was just the beginning.  From that day on, each evening at the same time, … Continue reading What?


Word count 778 Interviewer:  Good evening America, welcome to Celebrity Chat, this is Jason Atkins interviewing Terri Tight, pornstar, on her book Wildest - Sex and More Sex on The PCT. Jason:  How are you doing tonight Terry? Terry:  I’m awesome. Jason – Terry, what … Continue reading Wildest


 Word count 2028                                                   The following scroll was found buried in the Tel Egot on the present day border of Israel and Syria December 15, 2018.  Because of the dangerous border little archaeology had been done in the area.  The language used is … Continue reading *lr*d

Better Than Nightmares

Word count 854                                                                                         Day 1 The nightmares started shortly after we inherited a fortune from my in-laws.  I would go to sleep and immediately go into a dream in which my late in-laws tortured me.  Before the first dreams, I had started … Continue reading Better Than Nightmares


Word count 4000 It started in January of 1990, but the exact date is unknown.  George Bush was the US president.  The Soviet Union was disintegrating and its satellite states were going their own way.  African American politicians experienced mixed success – David Dinkins was … Continue reading Reprieve