Mad(ison) Men

  Word count 1661                                This is the personal story of some men, one in particular, an era, a school, a 50th reunion, mortality and a culture.  In order to give it some relevance to a wider audience, I will reference culture, irony and Parkinson’s.  If none … Continue reading Mad(ison) Men


 Word count 2028                                                   The following scroll was found buried in the Tel Egot on the present day border of Israel and Syria December 15, 2018.  Because of the dangerous border little archaeology had been done in the area.  The language used is … Continue reading *lr*d

Better Than Nightmares

Word count 854                                                                                         Day 1 The nightmares started shortly after we inherited a fortune from my in-laws.  I would go to sleep and immediately go into a dream in which my late in-laws tortured me.  Before the first dreams, I had started … Continue reading Better Than Nightmares


Word count 4000 It started in January of 1990, but the exact date is unknown.  George Bush was the US president.  The Soviet Union was disintegrating and its satellite states were going their own way.  African American politicians experienced mixed success – David Dinkins was … Continue reading Reprieve


Word count 1154                                                President Jenkins - Ladies and gentlemen, we have bad news.  The government of the caliphate of Isis has just executed five Christians in what used to be Northern Iraq.  Name me possible responses. Chief Of Staff Brooks –Madame President, after Viet … Continue reading War


Word count 1616                                                              On Duke’s birthday, Sally bought him cooking lessons.  Duke had no interest in cooking, but thought he would go along with it, because they might need some changes.  They had been married a long time and had fallen into a … Continue reading Deal


Word count 2315                                                       I’m out target shooting in the country when I hear the gravel crunch and somebody yells “Hey asshole, what are you doing?”  Without thinking, I turn and shoot him.  Well, shit, nobody should sneak up on somebody and scare him like … Continue reading Trigger


Word count 1886                                           All of the following news articles appeared in the Daily Northwest News. February 10, 2043 Copenhagen, Denmark.  Using new detection  equipment built by Nobel Prize winner in physics Magnus Albreck, Frank Smelling and the staff at the National Physics Laboratory has … Continue reading Soul