Word count 133


“I brought you to this abandoned factory where no one can hear us and we can’t be disturbed to revise the plan to kill your wife”.

“What could be simpler?  I told you that she is the only one that hikes on the Old Mill Trail at daybreak on Tuesdays.  All you have to do is meet her on the trail and shoot her.  It can look like a robbery and no one can trace that to either one of us.  You better not be asking for more money, I’m not paying any more until she’s dead and then it will be what we already agreed on.”

 “No problem, I’m satisfied with your advance, but she paid me more to kill you.  Did you know that you were very well insured?”


Hired Killer in another publication seemed a little short, so I did this. In Dark Dossier #57.

Appears in Dark Dossier #57 and Down In The Dirt

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