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Bigger than a bread box, older than the end of WWII.

Bhopal 2

Big industrial catastrophe. To appear in Yellow Mama April 25, 2020


This is a work in progress of a memoir city by city. I doubt that it will appear anywhere else. It is excruciatingly boring. As soon as I can find out how to get it away from the beginning of the blog, it will be … Continue reading Cities


Word count 1776                                                  Balance On June 23 2005 a hiker that I knew got a request from The Balance Disorders Lab of Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) to find males from ages 52-73 to join a balance study with the goal of better … Continue reading Balance


 Word count 3078 Interviewer – Here’s what you’ve been waiting for – the interview with God.  Because we are mostly broadcast to English speaking areas, we’d like to concentrate on Western concerns.  Welcome to WXYZ television, God.  First question, what should we call you? God … Continue reading Interview


 Word Count 573                                             Language report 2019 -2119 During the last hundred yrs great progress has bin made in American Language.  This essay will kover the trends and landmarks of that period. The drivers of the changes were 2 movements.  1 went under the banner “If … Continue reading Inpler