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Word count 599                                              Good afternoon.  This is Jason Atkins on Robots Today, February 10, 2043, interviewing Duke Hanley of Robolife on business channel WXYZ. Tell us a little bit about Robolife of Hermiston, Oregon. The business was originally a maker of drones in the … Continue reading Intimate

I Dream Of Satan

 Word count 1020                               As a young boy, I was moved from the bedroom that I inhabited with my older sister to the room in the attic that my father had finished.  I continually imagined monsters coming up the stairs to get me.  The isolation brought … Continue reading I Dream Of Satan


Word count 1508                                                        Sensate Duke Hanley had been riding the wave for a number of years, but his rise to leading multi-billion dollar Gold Scientific Inc. in Portland Oregon was hard to explain.  Twelve years ago he told anyone who asked and some that … Continue reading Sensate


  Word Count 843                                                 Excerpts from the Lake Oswego Weekly Express: From the Garden Column October 3, 2017 – Jersey Wilkins discovered a very strange plant in her yard last week.  The plant, which vaguely resembles wheat stalks with corn kernels, has grown to about … Continue reading Ubik


Word Count 291                                                          I really enjoyed the story “Rocket To Oblivion” by Isaac Heinlein Clarke in the online Space Time Stories.  His depiction of relations between Neptunians and Earthers was the most sensitive and tasteful that I had ever read about contact between humans and … Continue reading Pass


Word count 9170                                            Interviewer:  Welcome to the most significant television show ever.  I know that it sounds like hyperbole, but this is the first ever interview with our closest relative, sometimes know as a Yeti or abominable snowman. Because of the worldwide interest, the … Continue reading Prime


                                                 Word Count 1,000 “Now that you’ve been in Ambrosia for a week Sally, what do you think of the place?” “It definitely exceeds my expectations, Duke, but I still have a few questions.” “Shoot.” “I don’t know if I was imagining it, but I … Continue reading Gate


Word count 875                                                 Duke started hallucinating about a month before seeing a psychiatrist.  At 7pm someone, perhaps himself, went flying off a cliff on a horse, but never landing.  That was just the beginning.  From that day on, each evening at the same time, … Continue reading What?

Better Living Through Electronics

Word count 2209                                                                                               1 Horace Cram cleared 5’ – barely.  His moustache was visible – barely.  Legs – hairless.  Charisma – none.  Intelligence – fairly high about unimportant things.  All this in a pear shaped package.   His bifocals make him look like an … Continue reading Better Living Through Electronics