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Black Lagoon

Word count 254                                                  Sheryl woke up around midnight to find a roughly humanoid giant monster in her bedroom.  As she started to scream the monster tore the covers off her bed and her pajamas off her body. As she continued to scream the … Continue reading Black Lagoon


Word count 665                                                      I’m so happy that the three of you could join me today.  The paid plane tickets and goody bag filled with expensive gifts may have been the inducement, or maybe it was a chance to reconnect after all these years that got … Continue reading Meeting


Word count 512 Rated sexy Beverly woke up at 2am after doing some ill-advised self-medicating the night before.  She heard some scratching and bumping noises and mumbled “What the hell is that?” A voice which resembled that of James Earl Jones came from under her … Continue reading Undercover


  Word count 789 A very pale couple of corpses Patrick and Roisin stumbled into the Adair graveyard during the night of 31 October.  Liam and Ciara intercepted them and said “We are your greeters here to tell you about your future.  That was an odd … Continue reading Adair


 Word count 750                                      Duke Hanley - High school was OK.  I was average in most classes, but did very well in math.  There was something about the purity that appealed to me.  My social life was OK, parties and dating, the usual.  I was pretty … Continue reading Transformer