Tag: Synchronized Chaos

Space Force vs. Space Squids

  Word count 613 “Mr. President, we have our first action taken by Space Force.” “Jenkins, I told you to call me ‘Your Excellency, Emperor For Life’.  I knew that the 200 billion dollars start up cost for Space Force was well worth it.  Have Space … Continue reading Space Force vs. Space Squids

Brave Newt World

 Word count 799                                          When an Antarctic scientist uncovered an alien space ship while digging for a latrine, he sent for the best crypto-biologists, archaeologists and astronomers to come to the Antarctic base.  After the local Antarctic scientists were assembled, they entered the ship which had … Continue reading Brave Newt World


Word Count 919                                                                                          (Or Don’t Have A COW, Man) Just to be safe, one of the Secret Service men brought the letter to the President, even though he was certain there was nothing to it. The letter had been checked for fingerprints and … Continue reading ATTACK


Word count 1154                                                President Jenkins - Ladies and gentlemen, we have bad news.  The government of the caliphate of Isis has just executed five Christians in what used to be Northern Iraq.  Name me possible responses. Chief Of Staff Brooks –Madame President, after Viet … Continue reading War