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Strictly Short Humour

                Strictly Short Humour – Not duplicated elsewhere Word count 10116 Hiking Etiquette, Glossary And Wisdom Affirmation – Are we here yet?  The answer is always yes. Are we there yet? – If said subject to capital punishment. Bad hike – One or more die. … Continue reading Strictly Short Humour

Brave Newt World

 Word count 799                                          When an Antarctic scientist uncovered an alien space ship while digging for a latrine, he sent for the best crypto-biologists, archaeologists and astronomers to come to the Antarctic base.  After the local Antarctic scientists were assembled, they entered the ship which had … Continue reading Brave Newt World


 Word count 552                                   At 8pm on a Thursday night Duke received a call from Sally, his regular barber of five years. “Duke, this is Sally from ‘Hair Apparent’ where you get your hair cut.  I got your number from your sign in at the shop.” … Continue reading Barberian


Word count 896                                                      I woke up feeling tired, even though I thought that I had slept through the night.  My wife Sally looked like she hadn’t slept much either.  I expected her to complain about my snoring, but she surprised me by saying “Duke, … Continue reading Nose


                                                       Word count 350                                      Two tough men walk into a bar separately.  Other than them, the bar is empty.  The pretty tough one says to the ugly tough one “Nobody else here, want to have a drink with me?”  “Sure.” “Pleased to meet you.  … Continue reading Bomb


    Word count 848                                             I ignored emails from my brother-in-law Ed.  They were all variations on “Get right with God or go to hell”.  I-Don’t-Care-Ism suited me just fine as a belief, but then for several days in a row I read articles like “People of … Continue reading Court