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Strictly Short Humour

                Strictly Short Humour – Not duplicated elsewhere Word count 10116 Hiking Etiquette, Glossary And Wisdom Affirmation – Are we here yet?  The answer is always yes. Are we there yet? – If said subject to capital punishment. Bad hike – One or more die. … Continue reading Strictly Short Humour

Brave Newt World

 Word count 799                                          When an Antarctic scientist uncovered an alien space ship while digging for a latrine, he sent for the best crypto-biologists, archaeologists and astronomers to come to the Antarctic base.  After the local Antarctic scientists were assembled, they entered the ship which had … Continue reading Brave Newt World


 Word count 552                                   At 8pm on a Thursday night Duke received a call from Sally, his regular barber of five years. “Duke, this is Sally from ‘Hair Apparent’ where you get your hair cut.  I got your number from your sign in at the shop.” … Continue reading Barberian


Word count 896                                                      I woke up feeling tired, even though I thought that I had slept through the night.  My wife Sally looked like she hadn’t slept much either.  I expected her to complain about my snoring, but she surprised me by saying “Duke, … Continue reading Nose


                                                       Word count 350                                      Two tough men walk into a bar separately.  Other than them, the bar is empty.  The pretty tough one says to the ugly tough one “Nobody else here, want to have a drink with me?”  “Sure.” “Pleased to meet you.  … Continue reading Bomb


    Word count 848                                             I ignored emails from my brother-in-law Ed.  They were all variations on “Get right with God or go to hell”.  I-Don’t-Care-Ism suited me just fine as a belief, but then for several days in a row I read articles like “People of … Continue reading Court


Word count 653                                                            The odd creature came to my door at ten PM last night.  He was a little over five feet tall, colored a light blue with a bald dome.  I say he, but I wasn’t really sure at first because “he” had … Continue reading Spin


   Word count 816                                              The Interview Before The Pilot “This is Jason Atkins for ‘Divertissement Dialogue’ where we find out what’s up in entertainment.  Our guest tonight is Duke Hanley.  Tell us about your new show appearing on Fox starting June 12.” “Thanks for having me … Continue reading Better