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Together Again

 Word Count 946                          The volatility of Duke and Sally was easy to understand.  Duke was a high functioning alcoholic.  How high functioning?  He was on the verge of introducing Adventure, the first social media to take on both Facebook and Twitter.  He hadn’t released any … Continue reading Together Again


Word Count 965                                                     Year One Of The President’s Term: A compliant Republican party backed the President’s anti-immigrant stance.  The countries whose citizens were denied entrance condemned the US and sought to censure America in the United Nations.  Their cause was bolstered by America moving … Continue reading Dump


   Word count 816                                              The Interview Before The Pilot “This is Jason Atkins for ‘Divertissement Dialogue’ where we find out what’s up in entertainment.  Our guest tonight is Duke Hanley.  Tell us about your new show appearing on Fox starting June 12.” “Thanks for having me … Continue reading Better