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Details / Hired Killer

 Word count 50 /133                                                         “I brought you to this abandoned factory where no one can hear us and we can’t be disturbed to revise the plan to kill your wife”. “What could be simpler?  I told you that she is the only one that … Continue reading Details / Hired Killer


 Word count 750                                      Duke Hanley - High school was OK.  I was average in most classes, but did very well in math.  There was something about the purity that appealed to me.  My social life was OK, parties and dating, the usual.  I was pretty … Continue reading Transformer


    Word count 1394                                           Duke and Gary, actuaries for a large Portland insurance company, were having lunch together.  As usual they were complaining about their treatment as short guys.  Duke started off with “You know we are usually ignored and stats prove that we get … Continue reading Short


Word count 545 Duke Hanley, an associate actuary, got his idea while working on a mortality study at Pura Life Company.  The underwriting department gave him access to all of the underwriting and claims information for 10,000 insureds to see how best to predict their … Continue reading Die


  Word count 2616                                              Tape from October 1, 2014 Just fell over the threshold.  Retch.  Now I vomited.  Should I / could I stay here forever?  What means forever?  To be or not to be? Hours later I keep wondering how dumb and useless I … Continue reading Tapes