Tag: Humor

Son Of Simon

Word count 412                                      “Chief, we got the guy that had the whole city on edge, people afraid to leave home.” “You mean the Restaurant Terrorist?  Great work Sally.” “Yes, the one who left batteries on restaurant tables all over town, scrambled the silverware, filled the … Continue reading Son Of Simon

A Cat Who

Word count 486 Long version - A Cat Who Plots The Overthrow Of Capitalism While I Drink Black Butte Porter And Eat A Carl’s Famous Star. The title is half the story.  The rest is about my wonderful Christmas in August.  It began inauspiciously when … Continue reading A Cat Who


 Word count 490                                            I don’t care what my friends say about Jean being way out of my class.  Sure, I may be a looks 4 and she is a 9, but if I round up, I’m a 5.  And yes, she got her Ph.D. in … Continue reading Crunch


 Word count 552                                   At 8pm on a Thursday night Duke received a call from Sally, his regular barber of five years. “Duke, this is Sally from ‘Hair Apparent’ where you get your hair cut.  I got your number from your sign in at the shop.” … Continue reading Barberian


Word Count 291                                                          I really enjoyed the story “Rocket To Oblivion” by Isaac Heinlein Clarke in the online Space Time Stories.  His depiction of relations between Neptunians and Earthers was the most sensitive and tasteful that I had ever read about contact between humans and … Continue reading Pass


    Word count 1394                                           Duke and Gary, actuaries for a large Portland insurance company, were having lunch together.  As usual they were complaining about their treatment as short guys.  Duke started off with “You know we are usually ignored and stats prove that we get … Continue reading Short


Word count 5500                                            The Perfect Couple Everyone thought that Janet and Mike Wilkie were the perfect couple, and with good reason.  Both of them were as close to physically perfect as imaginable.  Janet was a tall Filipina – Irish mix and Mike was Italian … Continue reading Old


Word count 2873                                                       Jackie Helms was doing her periodic review of the employee groups’ health data for her employer Healthion Insurance, when one set of numbers jumped out at her.  The claims rate for Dark Hill Brewers was 45% of normal for similar size … Continue reading Dark