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AKA Kerry

Word count 2,111                  The True Story Behind The Book And Movie You might think that you know me from the movie and book about me by the man I call BFA, for big famous author.  Sometimes the “F” stands for something else, depending … Continue reading AKA Kerry


Word count 599                                              Good afternoon.  This is Jason Atkins on Robots Today, February 10, 2043, interviewing Duke Hanley of Robolife on business channel WXYZ. Tell us a little bit about Robolife of Hermiston, Oregon. The business was originally a maker of drones in the … Continue reading Intimate


    Word count 573                                                 Duke woke up in a theatre feeling a bit out of it.  He could tell that he had a lot to drink.  That must be the reason for his disorientation. He did remember much of the movie, the scariest horror movie … Continue reading Welcome


Word count 669                                                    Locals from Igaluit on Baffin Island north of mainland Canada found what appeared to be odd pebbles which were exposed when the recent heat wave melted a layer of snow.  As the sun warmed the “pebbles”, their shells broke and flying insects … Continue reading Fly

Better Than Nightmares

Word count 854                                                                                         Day 1 The nightmares started shortly after we inherited a fortune from my in-laws.  I would go to sleep and immediately go into a dream in which my late in-laws tortured me.  Before the first dreams, I had started … Continue reading Better Than Nightmares