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Woke Up

 Word count 810 Warning or invitation? The published version was written to avoid offending anyone. This version is a little longer and indulges in more sex.                                            During the meditation segment an hour into our three hour intimacy ritual before we touched I was distracted and … Continue reading Woke Up


Word count 9170                                            Interviewer:  Welcome to the most significant television show ever.  I know that it sounds like hyperbole, but this is the first ever interview with our closest relative, sometimes know as a Yeti or abominable snowman. Because of the worldwide interest, the … Continue reading Prime


                                                                    Word Count 297 Last week I was returning from a normal work party removing ivy (ivy seemed like a good idea at the time) in my local Portland area Tryon State Park when I saw a herd of deer 150 feet (or forty-some meters … Continue reading Freedom


Word count 4000 It started in January of 1990, but the exact date is unknown.  George Bush was the US president.  The Soviet Union was disintegrating and its satellite states were going their own way.  African American politicians experienced mixed success – David Dinkins was … Continue reading Reprieve