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  Word count 480                                                         Last week I was at Duke Hanley’s funeral. It was an open casket affair as his wife had requested. I wandered around seemingly at random and eavesdropped on mourners’ comments. A few people looked at me like they wondered who I was, … Continue reading Funerunreal

The Other Side Of This Life

                                    Word count 2000 After a string of losses, at last something good was coming my way.  My wife of fifteen years had left me a month ago leaving me a financial and emotional wreck.  Rather than a home cooked meal and a glass of … Continue reading The Other Side Of This Life


   Word count 5835                                             Ray detection The outer space probe Arrow detected an increase in cosmic rays traveling towards earth beyond the orbit of Pluto.  The intensity of the rays increased by a factor of ten and then Arrow became silent.  NASA made the report … Continue reading Asteroid